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Introduction to Social Security Planning

As baby boomers transition from the preservation to the distribution phase of their life, they are looking for ways to continue receiving their paychecks and maintain their current lifestyle. Unfortunately for many, the income they receive from Social Security and pensions alone are not enough. In addition, many families take Social Security at the wrong time. Likely, one of the main reasons for this is a lack of education with regards to filing options. Social Security seems simple from the outside but inside are a wealth of different options that could directly affect you and your family for life. How do you know which option will be best for you?

A key to maximizing Social Security is asking yourself what do I know about me that the government doesn’t. Social Security was designed based on actuarial tables taking into account millions of workers claiming Social Security. The Proprietary software that generated this report is designed to provide you the optimal filing strategy with YOUR life in mind.

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Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 4.09.11 PMCOLLECT NOW OR LATER  –This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make when it comes to SocialSecurity. What year is best for you to begin collecting social security benefits.

 SPOUSAL BENEFIT PLANNING  –What options does my spouse have and am  I choosing the one that will provide the most income?

 SURVIVORS BENEFITS –If I pass away, how much income will my spouse get, and how can I fill their income gaps?

IMPACT OF WORKING IN RETIREMENT –If I make additional income during retirement, how is it going to affect my Social Security benefits

SOCIAL SECURITY TAXATION –How much of your Social Security will be taxed, and what you can do to lower taxation.

FILLING THE INCOME GAP –Social Security replaces only about 40 percent of the average American’s income after retiring*. That still leaves a substantial gap for most families to fill in order to live comfortably in their retirement years. Filling the Income Gap shows how much of your retirement nest egg you need to provide the additional income you are looking for in retirement.

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